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<aside> 🔶 We believe the CDPS website can be improved to better serve our users.


During discovery, we will understand any improvements that CDPS and its external users would like to see made to the website. These improvements will be categorised and scored, and a priority backlog of improvements will be created.

During alpha, we’ll create prototypes to enable further feedback from our stakeholders, and to help further prioritise improvements.

During beta, we’ll implement an agreed number of improvements and create our minimum viable product (MVP) website.


The CDPS website was built and launched in 2020, we’ll now conduct further user research to understand how our users’ needs have changed since then, and to deliver a website that better meets those needs.

CDPS has a mission to:

Accelerate bold and lasting change in Welsh public sector by focusing on culture, processes, and technology

To help enable that, we need a website that supports and underpins that mission. We must improve and align our website to fully match our mission, while also ensuring our site meets all relevant standards required.


We are a small team from CDPS, working with our external supplier, Hoffi

An image showing our project team, and what they are responsible for

An image showing our project team, and what they are responsible for